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Gateshead Council’s CM success for domiciliary care services

Find out more about how CM care delivery software helped Gateshead Council remove paper-bases rotas, improve communication and increase efficiencies within their teams.

Gateshead Council’s in-house team provide 24/7 services for long term domiciliary care, reablement, rapid response (to prevent hospital admissions) and waking night.

CM care delivery software was chosen to remove paper-based rotas, improve communication and increase efficiency within their teams. As a trusted technology partner to over 120 Council and NHS Community Reablement Services across the UK, the CM team were best placed to help the Council staff improve their processes, empower them with real-time information and improve the quality of their care services.

You can watch the Gateshead Council team discuss their experiences of the CM system on the video below.

“During the pandemic the communication benefits of CM monitoring and scheduling have been even more valuable. I’m so pleased we had it in place to help us through these challenging times and weren’t reliant on manual systems. The whole service has been working from home so having the CM system to work remotely has been a huge benefit.  We have been able to carry on ‘business as normal’ during the pandemic.” Gateshead Council

If you’re looking to maximise your capacity, improve communication with care workers and empower your staff with new levels of management information, get in touch with the CM team by calling 0121 308 3010 or by emailing enquiries@hastechnology.co.uk.