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Our extensive experience in the market gives us unrivalled referencability. Councils, CCGs, Providers and Housing Associations all have different motivations for choosing our mix-and-match solutions. What surprises most of our customers is the ability to deliver savings and efficiencies hand-in-hand with increased quality, transparency and safeguarding. Our solutions are also helping improve communication with workers, releasing untapped capacity and recording progress towards outcomes.

The best way to explain the benefits is to let our customers tell their story...

Implementing Social Care Landscape for Worcestershire County Council

Having the right data to inform decision making around planning and budgeting for Adult Social Care is vital during times of stability and even more so during a pandemic, when Worcestershire County Council adopted Social Care Landscape.

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‘Not being technically-minded’ no barrier to getting great results from CM care management software

Bridgend Council now have a transparent view of what is happening in the community and their Care Workers have up-to-date information at their fingertips.

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East Sussex Joint Community Rehabilitation Service

Empowers support workers with real-time information to improve person-centred care

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Utilising activity data and predictive analytics to improve support for individuals with intellectual disabilities

Discover how Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership has successfully utilised ARMED prevention technology to re-design night-time support for adults with intellectual disabilities.

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Social care data making a difference to Carmarthenshire’s Community Care Service

Learn how Carmarthenshire has benefited from using CM solutions and crucially how the technology has supported their service delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Telecare Cardiff use ARMED to support their falls prevention strategy

Telecare Cardiff is putting the emphasis on prevention. Find out how they are seeking to avoid hospital admissions through well-designed, cost-effective community-based interventions, targeting falls prevention among older people.

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London ADASS COVID-19 Data Collection

Discover how our PAMMS Market Insight Tool (MIT) helped London through the height of the pandemic and how this intelligence will continue to play a valuable role.

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First Australian Project for ARMED Prevention Technology

Our revolutionary ARMED technology is being deployed for the first time in Australia to help prevent older people from succumbing to falls.

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PAMMS featured in The MJ: Providing a Clear Picture of Care

Writing in the MJ (Municipal Journal), Iain MacBeath, DASS, Hertfordshire explains the benefits PAMMS has delivered across 11 Councils in ADASS Eastern Region.

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ADASS East utilise PAMMS technology to improve social care quality

Discover how ADASS East have utilised PAMMS technology to facilitate regional collaboration, drive efficiencies and improve social care quality

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