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Risk Profiler

Easily identify market risks when commissioning care

PAMMS Risk Profiler allows Councils to bring together a range of intelligence sources that deliver evidence of quality and financial risks amongst Providers. 

Benefits of Risk Profiler

  • Reduce disruption and upheaval caused to the people in receipt of failing services
  • Protect public sector resources from being spent on dealing with the fall out of provider failure
  • Enable your Council / CCG to give early support to Providers that are going through difficult times
  • Make informed commissioning decisions to place care packages with trusted Providers
  • Reduce the burden of worry placed on Councillors and Politicians by having access to a real-time resource showing Care Provider risk within your Local Authority’s.

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“We can detect problems at an early stage which reduces the risk of Provider failure and all the disruption this can cause. We can also ensure we are targeting our resources where they are most needed.”

London Borough of Ealing

“Risk Profiler identifies issues that we would have never otherwise been aware of.”

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council