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Remote Provider Assessment & Corrective Action Planning

PAMMS Quality Assurance allows you to undertake Provider Assessments remotely. During the first wave of the pandemic, we overhauled PAMMS QA to allow remote self-assessments which is backed up with tangible evidence to support scores given.

This is vital for both Councils and Providers as it ensures effective digital collaboration and provides a single point of truth.

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How could PAMMS QA help?

  • Undertake Provider Assessments face-to-face, find out more by watching the video!
  • We've overhauled PAMMS QA to undertake Provider Assessments remotely, with no face-to-face contact required.
  • Identify and rank risks to prioritise assessment resources.
  • Gather evidence from Providers, Care Workers and Service Users within one central, easy-to-use platform.
  • When used regionally the process ensures that Providers who are working across Local Authority boundaries are only assessed once, with information shared across other relevant Local Authorities. This dramatically reduces administrative duplication.
  • Outcomes and standards of care are assessed using an evidence-based approach.
  • All results including areas of improvement and action plans are easily shared with Providers online.

Find out more about what PAMMS QA could do for you by watching the video or downloading the product profile below!

Download PAMMS QA Product Profile

See how Quality Assurance works

To deliver reliable and high quality Social Care provisions, it is vital that Councils assess Providers and ensure good communication. 

Provider Assessments can be an administrative burden for all parties involved and this has been heightened due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  While regulators are still not able to visit premises or audit services in person, an efficient and remote method of collecting this information is vital.

PAMMS QA provides one simple-to-use central resource to remotely manage assessments and most importantly, create corrective action plans to improve care quality if required.

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“During the pandemic we have moved to the self-assessment and initial findings suggest that Providers have seen this as a positive experience. We have always worked collaboratively with our care market and offered support.”

Ranjit Gill, Central Bedfordshire Council

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