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Market Insight

The intelligence you need for market shaping and market management

PAMMS’ Market Insight allows you to easily collect and report on data from your entire care market, including regulated and non-regulated services.  

“In today’s challenging care market, having data which gives insight and helps manage by exception is vital for ensuring sustainable, quality services. London ADASS have commissioned HAS Technology to deliver their PAMMS Market Insight service to collect information from bed based, home care and supported living Providers across 32 boroughs and the City of London.”

London ADASS

PAMMS’ Market Insight technology builds on our Risk Profiler service to draw together further market intelligence from a wide range of sources. This helps you ensure a diverse, sustainable, quality care market for your local population, including those who pay for their own care.

Market Insight can support regular data collection needs and one-off projects. The dynamic tool can quickly be adapted for changing data needs – as it demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic when it was capturing daily vital information from social care settings across London.

Find out how PAMMS Market Insight can give you a clearer view of your current care market.

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