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Social Care Landscape

Leverage the power of care market intelligence.

PAMMS Social Care Landscape is a sophisticated analytics and insight tool that brings together a wide range of datasets providing easy visibility of key information. This actionable intelligence is then used to monitor risks, contracts management and more.

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Vast amounts of data are collected within Local Authorities, but much of it sits within separate silos. Landscape makes the best of this data by combining and cross-referencing it with the latest national open source and specialist data sets.

PowerBI technology is then used to provide actionable market insights which are split between residential and community-based services, reflecting their differing requirements.

Visualise data to reveal market insight
Our market insight reports are easy to understand, and by visualising data, trends can be spotted which could have otherwise been missed. These accessible and flexible reports allow you to provide up-to-date business intelligence for all stakeholders, including Quality and Contracts Managers, Heads of Service/Commissioning and Directors.

Through a flexible range of mix-n-match market insight packs you can bring together everything you need to know about:

  • Population and demandSpend and activityCapacity and availabilityQuality and risk

Real-time and historical reporting made easy
Our Public Plug-ins enable Local Authorities to deliver
powerful reporting services within their own website, such as Market Position Statement (MPS) or response to Freedom of Information requests.

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“Good management information has never been more important, especially around Adult Care. We have been implementing the ground-breaking Landscape product and this is changing the way we make decisions and view our trends and data.” - Michael Hudson, Chief Financial Officer, Worcestershire County Council

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