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Leverage vital care market intelligence and keep the focus on quality

Having up-to-date intelligence about your care market is essential as providers face unprecedented challenges. With Councils also needing to focus on statutory responsibilities, keeping a tight grip on risks, pressure points and capacity is going to be vital – and data is key to delivering this. 

PAMMS can assist by providing dynamic care market data collection solutions, to deliver powerful reporting, helping you to increase care quality and mitigate the risks of provider failure. Our range of solutions support market insight, automate provider returns and can transform your provider assessment process.

Keep abreast of potential care market challenges with powerful reports: During the height of the pandemic we rapidly scaled up our Market Insight tool to support London ADASS with vital data collection and essential reporting in a rapidly changing landscape. You can read all about our pandemic response and work with LondonADASS here. Our Market Insight tool continues to capture quality standards across the capital, whilst also ensuring COVID-19 data is monitored to support providers (and the wider adult care social sector), in managing potential future outbreaks.

Keeping the focus on quality: As services adapt, the focus must remain on quality. We've worked with ADASS East to evolve our Quality Assurance tool, enabling quality standards to be rigorously assessed remotely, without the need for a site visit. Watch the video from our workshop at the ADASS Summer Conference, where Director of Adult Social Care at Hertfordshire, Iain MacBeath, talked about Directors’ responsibility to keep improving quality and explained how East of England use PAMMS.

You can also read feedback from London Borough of Hounslow and Central Bedfordshire Council, on how they are managing social care provider quality remotely during the pandemic here.

To find out how PAMMS can help you identify and manage your care market risks: 

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CASE STUDY: Read the full LondonADASS story to see how we supported them during the height of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond: 'LondonADASS COVID-19 Data Collection'

“MIT (Market Insight Tool) improved our grip on the market and highlighted very quickly where interventions are necessary.” Kensington & Chelsea / Westminster Councils

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