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What is Demand Modelling?

Within health and social care settings, modelling demand and capacity can support better decision making and help to increase care quality.

A demand model utilises data to better understand customer behaviour and predict future capacity requirements based on past experiences.

Within health and social care settings, Demand Modelling can offer accurate insights into future service demand requirements. This significantly reduces risk thanks to enabling evidence-based decision making, which we have seen lead to an increase in service and care quality.

Combining Statistical Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence

PAMMS Demand Module can predict future care demand by analysing long term historic data. After analysis, forecasts are then made across individual demand categories, such as service types, age groups and primary support reasons. The demand categories can be viewed individually or grouped to produce a combined forecast across multiple categories.

We do this by combining statistical forecasting techniques with artificial intelligence which removes the need for forecasting to be done manually. Demand Model automates the process saving hours of manual labour and offering greater accuracy as by using AI to select the best combination of models and settings for each forecast. Our Demand Model predictions are as close as 99% accuracy and bring opportunities for those within health and social care to better understand service demand and plan accordingly for this.

Demand Modelling can help health and social care organisations to:

- Better understand the gap between the required capacity and the current capacity of a service

- Support better decision making around services

- Improve service quality and reduce waiting times

- Effectively plan resources and focus support where it is most needed

- Identify any potential inefficiencies or errors

- Better understand the financial impact of capacity demand

Will the pandemic impact the quality of predictions?

A huge event such as the pandemic would typically prevent effective forecasting as the changes that occurred throughout 2020 would disrupt the historic patterns that are used as the basis for forecasts.

We have developed an innovative algorithm for PAMMS Demand Model that effectively bypasses any pandemic related changes to provide accurate forecasts for the future.

You can read more about this in our blog: How do we make accurate Social Care Forecasts post Covid-19?

For more information about Demand Model download our 'Guide to utilising health and social care data to predict demand'

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