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HAS Technology respond to ADASS Coronavirus Survey

The recently published ADASS Coronavirus Survey highlights the need for short to medium-term goals to ensure that care and support to vulnerable individuals can be restored. Find out how HAS Technology has responded to the report and why market insight tools will prove to be invaluable to the industry.

The recently published ADASS Coronavirus Survey highlights the need for short to medium-term goals to ensure that care and support to vulnerable individuals can be restored.  As lockdown is relaxed, the social care industry needs to be prepared for any further waves from the pandemic and to ensure those who were unable to access community support, will remain unaffected a second time round.

The report identifies key areas of learning for future waves of the pandemic and for the winter to come.

What was discussed throughout the report, and of particular interest to HAS Technology, was the need for access to data and analytics to provide a clearer overview of market insight. With an industry that was already feeling the pressure, the report has stated that ‘Coronavirus has made extremely fragile care markets even more susceptible to market failure at the detriment to those people accessing care and support services.”

When discussing care market sustainability, it is worrying that the survey reported that ‘82% of Directors were concerned about the financial viability of at least some of their providers before Covid-19, with more now saying that they are concerned about all providers.’

Technology has a key role to play in transforming social care services and will be especially valuable in collecting intelligence to understand what is happening across services and mitigating risks. Data is vital to ensure those managing services are prepared for whatever comes next.

When looking at the support needed to manage the pandemic, there were urgent practical issues like funding and PPE. Interestingly 60% of survey respondents wanted access to additional data.   

Our PAMMS Market Insight tool has proved beneficial to London ADASS as they adapted their data collection during Covid-19 to provide vital daily intelligence at a time of crisis. This has opened Directors and Commissioners’ eyes to the value of regular market insight for making informed decision about services.

To quote one of our customers, local authorities are trying to move from focusing on ‘preservation of life, back to improving quality of life’ and our technology is already supporting this.

What has been apparent when providing market insight during the pandemic is the depth of the data we have been able to supply to local authorities, giving them real local insight. PAMMS has the ability to evolve over time, with a team that is knowledgeable and experienced to be able to respond rapidly to the levels of data required. Our work with ADASS London gave them one reporting tool covering all care settings whilst the questions were enhanced and updated regularly as circumstances required.  

The ADASS Coronavirus Survey also found that ‘A substantial majority of Directors do not believe the National Sitreps give them enough information to manage their local care markets and will continue to collect their own local market information.’

In fact, a staggering 93% of Directors have stated that their Local Authority would continue to collect social care data alongside national agendas.

Whilst a national overview of data is required, the market insight we deliver has the power to provide data on a regional, sub regional and local level. And let’s not forget about the non-regulated sector, which currently has no market insight provided on a national level. PAMMS is able to support this sector, to enable local authorities seeking market insight for their day services and other non-regulated providers.

With the focus starting to return to statutory responsibilities, such as market shaping, digital transformation offers the capability to deliver much needed intelligence. We can only hope that more local authorities will seek to embrace market insight tools enabling flexible data collection and a 360-degree view of care delivery.

For more information about the PAMMS market insight tool, visit https://www.hastechnology.com/pamms-covid-19