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Five ways to improve your Market Oversight

During our recent workshop at the ADASS Spring Seminar, we introduced our latest solution - PAMMS Social Care Landscape. 

During our recent workshop at the ADASS Spring Seminar, we introduced our latest solution - PAMMS Social Care Landscape. 

While vast amounts of complex data are regularly collected within local authorities, much of it sits within separate silos hindering the ability to gain dynamic market insight. 

Using technology to provide market-leading data collection and intelligence insights across all integrated health and social care, PAMMS Social Care Landscape makes the best of this data and cross-references it with the latest national open source and specialist data sets, giving local authorities a powerful view of their social care market and provision. 

PAMMS Social Care Landscape supports commissioners to shift their social care delivery model - having accurate quality and contract management approaches are key components in the rising move towards community-based services, highlighting trends and demand modelling. 

Following the workshop, the feedback we received demonstrated the growing recognition of the importance of the availability of benchmarked quality data and predictive analytics for intelligent commissioning, as well as its ability to help local authorities understand their care market and shape / sustain it. 

It was also highlighted how a good use of data has been shown to be “central” to the role of commissioners and the scope to work more efficiently at a regional and sub-regional level.

The CQC recently launched its new strategy, outlining how it will work moving forward to make a positive impact on the experiences of everyone who receives care, while regulating in a targeted way, supporting services to improve and prioritise safety. As a result, attendees at our workshop also recognised how technology - in particular market insight - can enable the health and social care sector to undertake a sector-led improvement approach. 

To help local authorities discover the power of care market intelligence, we’ve pulled together our top five ways to improve your market insight: 

1. Bring together your data silos and create a 360 degree view of your social care provision: Gaining an overall picture and identifying areas for improvement is challenging when different sets of complex data sit in separate silos. Social Care Landscape allows you to combine your data with national data sets for dynamic market insight. 

2. Benchmark regionally and nationally against a range of criteria: Unlock the ability to effectively benchmark regionally, sub-regionally and nationally – simplifying complex care market data for easy analysis, review, and comparison.   

3. Assess current capacity and accurately predict future requirements: Everything you need to know about capacity and availability is all in one place. You can also benefit from demand modelling to make accurate predictions about future activity levels, helping you monitor and measure change.

4. Deep dive into your commissioned spend activity to support your budgetary decision-making process: Gain valuable insight into what you are buying from which providers, what rates you are paying, and benchmark within services / localities, as well as regionally and nationally. 

5. Combining data to accelerate sector-led improvement: Having the latest information about providers, from your own assessments and CQC – even from Service Users and their families, allows you to spot risks and support improvements.  

For more information, or to book a demo of PAMMS Social Care Landscape, visit https://www.hastechnology.com/pamms-landscape-download