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Using ARMED is like having a ‘security blanket’

Using ARMED has enabled 86-year-old Brian Wood to manage his own health and recovery after undergoing surgery in 2014.

Using ARMED has enabled 86-year-old Brian Wood to manage his own health and recovery after undergoing surgery in 2014.

Following his return from a trip to Thailand in 2013, Brian spent Christmas with his sister but soon fell ill when he got home. He was admitted to hospital, where he underwent spinal decompression surgery and then spent a further four weeks in recovery. 

When he was finally discharged, he started receiving twice weekly visits and soon found himself on the ARMED programme. 

ARMED is a certified medical device which utilises wearable technology and AI to empower people to remain independent, in their own homes, for longer. It focuses on key metrics associated with risk escalations that are linked to frailty and risk of falling, such as low grip strength, muscle mass, hydration levels, inactivity markers and sleep. 

These can be easily monitored and measured from an individual’s own home using the wearable technology, and can then be accessed and assessed by the service user and those in charge of their care, such as a GP.

Brian said: “When I got home from hospital I was probably still more ill than I realised, but I’ve found using ARMED extremely rewarding; it’s been a very positive experience. 

“It’s a very comforting feeling knowing that there are people monitoring me. I find it to be like a security blanket. If I think things are going wrong, I know I can come to the team and ask ‘should this be something to worry about?’

“I like to keep a low profile from my GP; I don’t like to bother them too often, so it’s good to know I have an alternative route with the ARMED team. I can review the figures and ask myself ‘has that changed since last time?’”

Brian said the data from ARMED has most recently helped with his BMI, which was ‘stuck’ around 18-19. After flagging it with his GP, Brian was put in touch with a dietician and, on following their advice, has now seen his BMI go up to 20 which has improved his overall wellbeing and helped to alleviate his concerns.

Having access to the data from ARMED has also given Brian the confidence to take up activities he did previously, such as joining a walking group for people with mobility issues, and getting back out into his garden. 

In fact, ARMED is now showing Brian to have a metabolic age 15 years below his actual age.

He said: “ARMED has certainly made me more aware of my health and wellbeing. I try not to self-diagnose. Sometimes I worry that I’m not being active enough, but the ARMED data says I am so that gives me reassurance.

“It has given me more independence; I don’t feel I need to rely on friends and family as much. I can get more from the data than they can, so it means I can look after myself.“

To find out more about ARMED, visit https://www.hastechnology.com/armed