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Client Portal: Helping Families to Monitor Care from Afar

Whether family members live 4 or 400 miles away from their loved ones receiving care, there is a shared worry as unfortunately, you can’t be there for every visit. This often leaves family members not knowing whether care has been delivered, or what the outcome of the visit was.

To overcome this, we have developed a solution that empowers family members, and those in the circle of care, with the ability to easily access visit schedules and details of each visit with just the click of a button, empowering you to monitor care from afar.

We have had the opportunity to chat with Client Portal user Eleanor to discuss her experiences of utilising Client Portal to monitor her Mums care.

“I live over 40 miles away from my 92-year-old Mum and CM Client Portal helps me to monitor her care from afar.  I reached out the West Dumbarton's Home Care Team when some of my Mums’ care visits were being missed which was causing my Mum to become increasingly anxious about what carer would be visiting and at what time. It was recommended to begin using the CM Client Portal app to monitor my Mums care digitally.

Richard trained me on using the app in less than 5 minutes, it’s so easy to use and gives me a real-time overview of the care my Mum is receiving. Living 40 miles away, the app has allowed me to keep an eye on my Mums care from afar and has helped to reduce my anxiety as I know that she is getting the care she needs, when she needs it.

The Client Portal app has dramatically improved both mine and my Mums life. Through the app, I can see which carers are allocated for visits in advance, as well as being able to see if they have arrived and how long they have stayed. Thanks to this, I’m able to reassure my Mum of what carers will be visiting and when, and this has significantly eased her anxieties.

I love using the app, I really do, it’s helped me and my family immensely. I love the fact I can see an entire profile of care and feel confident that my Mum is being well looked after.” – Eleanor McGuire, CM Client Portal User

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