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Is eMAR the future of quality medication management?

Medication requirements can change quickly and are critical to a person’s care, because of this it’s vital that all medication administration is up-to-date and that any changes can be shared in real-time with those involved with care delivery.

Within the CQC State of Care report 2017/2018, it was highlighted that of the five key questions asked on inspections, performance of the ‘safe’ key question, which looks at how services manage medicines, is poorest. The CQC also stated that MAR charts are one of the most frequent reasons homecare providers are rated inadequate or requires improvement. These issues remain today.

eMAR is at the heart of improving care quality

Efficient medication management is at the heart of quality care but managing MAR charts through paper-based only systems is hindering Providers across the UK. The administrative burden of managing all MAR charts on paper, alongside ensuring that they are completed, legible and have no discrepancies creates significant pressures. Only having access to these records whilst in the home can also cause problems and increase the chance of missing issues early.

CM’s eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) revolutionises medication management. Our easy-to-use digital system was developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals to ensure it meets the needs of community care delivery. Our eMAR module integrates with CM Mobile and the rest of the CM platform, including any third-party scheduling solution where a CM interface already exists.

eMAR allows you to manage your MAR charts digitally, lowering risk and saving hours of administration, giving you time to do what you do best, caring for our communities.

How does eMAR improve medication management?

CM’s eMAR allows you to set up medication requirements, authorise them and share them digitally with Care Workers in real time. Care Workers then receive up to date instructions and dosage information to ensure that patients are receiving quality care, and their medicinal needs are met. This is vital in the fast-moving world of homecare, where medication requirements are often changing.

Our eMAR solution also allows Care Workers to record whether administration is complete or not complete, with reasons as required. Any missed medication is flagged up with a series of alerts to allow timely intervention.

Will eMAR replace hard copy forms?

Our eMAR system doesn’t intend to replace hard copy forms, but rather work in perfect tandem with them. This ensures that if a Care Worker’s mobile phone is not available, you still have an effective method of managing your medication.

Reducing errors and saving time

The CQC’s Medicines in Health and Adult Social Care 2019 report also highlighted issues with missed and incorrect doses of medicines (including inadvertent repeated doses) and poorly managed administration, which results in poorer outcomes for the service user.

These issues were commonly linked to administration, including poor record keeping, which included incorrectly transcribed medicine administration records and failure to record administration.

eMAR ensures that your records are accurate at all times and we have rigorously tested the system to mitigate risk. To ensure correct record keeping, all medication set up must be verified by a nominated second person. This helps to avoid incorrect instructions and gives you the opportunity to pick up on any potential errors in good time.

Real time record keeping

eMAR also helps to ensure that medicine errors are reduced by ensuring that your office and Care Workers are accessing real-time records, dramatically reducing errors and administration time. Users can also view and print current and past MAR charts, giving them easy access offline.

By digitising the MAR process, you gain an accurate view of medication needs and medication administered which dramatically reduces errors and provides an audit trail. This is ideal for evidencing medication adherence to customers and regulators and can be done with just the click of a button.

CM’s eMAR Solution

Our secure digital eMAR charts can help you to improve transparency, reduce risks and improve your quality ratings. Our medication data is provided through the NHS dm+d database and we’re a trusted technology supplier with over 20 years’ experience of providing innovative data driven solutions to transform care management.

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