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CM2000 recognises Gloucestershire County Council for its leadership role in using Electronic Call Monitoring for disability services

CM2000 has awarded Gloucestershire County Council a ‘Partnership Leadership’ award in recognition of the Council’s role in bringing the quality and efficiency benefits of Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) to their disability services.

ECM systems have been used to save money and improve quality within Domiciliary Care for over a decade. Gloucestershire is the first authority in the country to extend these benefits to services for people with disabilities and last year the technology solution delivered Gloucestershire County Council a significant cashable saving of almost £1 million.

Peter Longman, CEO and Mark Thomas, Managing Director of CM2000 were delighted to present this award to Dorcas Binns, Cabinet Member for Older People / Public Health and Communities and Cllr Cathy Williams, Cabinet Member for Long-term Care at the Council Chamber, Shire Hall on the 22nd March.

Peter Longman, CEO of CM2000, said: “Gloucestershire has led the country in its innovative development of Electronic Call Monitoring for people with disabilities and for older people. The leadership to make this happen and to achieve results has been remarkable.”

Cllr Kathy Williams said: “Our top priority has always been to make sure vulnerable people across the county receive the care they need. The technology we have used has helped us ensure that care is being met.”

To illustrate the quality benefits, the Council highlighted an example of a gentleman with learning disabilities who suffered epileptic seizures and required regular care visits in relation to his medication. The ECM system alerted staff that a Carer had not arrived which enabled them to take immediate action. 

Cllr Dorcas Binns added: “Our future plans include ensuring families will have access to key information about their loved one through Electronic Call Monitoring. Families will be able to have the certainty of knowing that their loved one has received their visit from a carer whether the family member is at work or on the other side of the world.”

For more information about the benefits of ECM for Learning Disability Services call 0121 308 3010 or email enquiries@cm2000.co.uk

CM2000 and Gloucester County Council will be hosting a joint webinar during May discussing the ECM solution and efficiencies it can bring. To register your interest in attending this webinar email marketing@cm2000.co.uk