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20 Years – 20 Prizes – 20 Weeks

As part of CM’s 20-year anniversary we are launching ’20 Years – 20 Prizes – 20 Weeks’.

CM started as a simple visit time recording solution, shaping the electronic homecare monitoring market when it introduced CallConfirmLive! in 1999. It has since grown rapidly and now supports 122 local authorities and over 3,000 care provider branches with a combination of care monitoring, scheduling, care management and financial management solutions. 

CM has continually innovated to meet the changing needs of the social care market and has been at the forefront of supporting outcomes-based commissioning and continuity of care delivery, with over 240,000 service users currently benefiting from CM’s technology services. 20 Years ago, CM’s first care visits were logged on CallConfirmLive! and to celebrate, 20 lucky Care Workers using our technology will receive a £100 shopping voucher, as well as the opportunity to nominate a charity close to their hearts to receive a £100 donation. 

The lucky visit logs could happen on any day and at any time – with one being selected every week between 4 November 2019 and 22 March 2020.   Details of the competition have been sent to customers in our newsletters, with Care Workers simply needing to log their visits in real-time, to be in with a chance of winning. Watch out for details of winners over the coming weeks. Good luck. 

You can also visit our 20 year anniversary legacy page which features 20 years in pictures, our timeline of technology and more.