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Electronic Care Monitoring (ECM)

Electronic Care Monitoring (ECM) has been around since the late 1990s. Initially developed as an efficiency tool, it was soon recognised as a way to improve transparency and quality for remotely delivered community homecare services.  In the 20 years that followed the homecare landscape has changed significantly with a rapidly rising number of people needing care, Local Authorities under budget constraints, increased legislative demands on Providers and reduced availability of Care Workers to meet the increasing demand.  

So what is the role of electronic monitoring today?  Download our white paper below to find out...

We are sharing our ‘top tips for ECM’ (gleaned from our experience of monitoring hundreds of millions of homecare visits) and revealing how in today’s data driven society, where  actionable information is invaluable,  ECM data is doing  far more than just identifying that a visit has taken place.

White Paper: ECM Best Practice