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Digitise key processes to support care delivery 

CM provides an end-to-end solution to digitise care records and capture all interactions, forms, medication, feedback and issues bringing a wide range of efficiency and safeguarding benefits, whether you’re in the office or out in the community. Two key components are our Form Builder and eMAR modules which support the important functions of standardising information gathering, record keeping and medication management, delivering robust audit trails and peace of mind.  

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Form Builder

Replacing written documents with electronic versions is a secure and easy way to improve the accuracy and accessibility of information, as well as ensuring procedures are rigorously followed and evidence is available when your service is assessed. 

CM’s Form Builder provides a range of templates and also allows you to quickly and easily build your own forms to meet all your requirements including care assessments, reviews, risk assessments and care records.

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Getting medication management right is vital. CM’s eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) improves transparency and reduces risk. It’s easy to set up and amend medication requirements so Care Workers have access to current details at the point of care delivery. Alerts are issued when medication hasn’t been taken, errors are reduced and you have a reliable audit trail to demonstrate medication adherence to customers and regulators.   

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