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Discover our care management solutions including electronic call monitoring, data capture and analytics for integrated community health and social care.

CM (previously CM2000) care management software supports the delivery of care.  If you’re a provider we offer a complete workforce/care management solution including visit scheduling, real-time care monitoring, digital care management, invoice & payroll, and comprehensive management reporting.  If you’re a commissioner we can automate all your ECM collection, payment rules and invoice arbitration -  our mix-n-match solutions allow you to manage the complete commissioning cycle and deliver the data you need to drive service quality and efficiencies.

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Our Care Management software solutions

We’re proud to have over 20 years heritage (starting life as CM2000) and have grown our solutions in line with the Health and Social Care sectors’ unique needs. The challenges faced within the sector have continuously influenced the development of our easy-to-use and cost-effective monitoring, scheduling and ļ¬nancial management solutions.

Some of our most recent innovations include our Outcomes Assessment Platform and CMBI business intelligence / analytics tools which offer new ways to empower you with actionable data.

Our care management software can help with:

  • Assessments
  • Visit scheduling
  • Real-time care monitoring
  • Electronic call monitoring
  • Contract management
  • Outcomes measurement
  • Safeguarding
  • Invoice and payroll management
  • Business intelligence and health intelligence reporting
  • Electronic medication management / eMAR
  • Digitisation of your forms and documentation