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ARMED Covid-19

Supporting your pandemic response

We understand the increased pressures you are under as our country manages the rapid spread of Coronavirus. At HAS Technology we have been looking at how our range of technologies can help you manage the challenges on the long road ahead.

Through our extensive research, which underpins our ARMED prevention solution, we fully understand that whist an isolation approach may be beneficial to the management of the virus, you will have concerns that prolonged periods of self-isolation, particularly for older individuals (where there may be existing multi-morbidity conditions) could in all likelihood, lead to physical deconditioning (muscle mass reduction) and degeneration. Now more than ever we cannot afford unscheduled hospital admissions. 

To date ARMED has identified escalating risk in a range of individuals where changes occurred through inactivity and changes in sleep patterns.  We anticipate these scenarios will only increase in self-isolating situations, and potentially even more so should community home care support for vulnerable individuals be reduced as a result of staff shortages. Using ARMED to monitor from afar helps identify risks earlier in the care cycle, enabling prevention and early intervention whilst at the same time supporting self-management. It’s in everyone’s interest to keep people safe at home and reduce the need for additional or acute services. 

How we can help you:

In return for a small investment in the wearable technology and setup required we are able to make the ARMED solution available free of charge for a period of 3 months to assist you in supporting vulnerable adults living independently.

Our implementation processes have been streamlined to support a 'plug and go' deployment which we have named ‘ARMED in a box’,  this provides an already configured wearable and mobile device that will be ready for distribution to your service users. Encouraging greater self-management and allowing for early intervention if the data shows changes in wellbeing.

Discover more about how quick and easy it is to deploy ‘ARMED in a box’ here.

Or watch our latest webinar for more information.

For more detailed information about how we can help you please email: armedprevention@hastechnology.com