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ARMED - Our easy to use Falls Prevention solution

Winner of the 2020 Tomorrow’s Care Award & 2020 Innovation of the Year

Our ARMED solution combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling with innovative wearable technology and health and social care data. The innovative solution allows you to identify risks (including risk of falling) earlier in the care cycle, empowering people to remain independent within their own homes for longer.

ARMED is a certified medical device and conforms to all appropriate EU standards.

ARMED Falls Prevention technology empowers users with easy access to data allowing for better self-management, whilst healthcare professionals can be quickly alerted to potential issues. 

Remote risk monitoring offers a lifeline to those co-ordinating care delivery with a shortage of healthcare workers. ARMED in a box allows you to remotely identify changes in risk, helping you to make decisions on where care is needed.

YOURmeds completes the ARMED family, offering safe and efficient medication management. YOURmeds combines adherence and non-adherence of medication with a range of frailty indicators monitored and measured through the core ARMED solution.

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